NeuroAmp Features

NeuroAmp II Features

Built-in Impedance Meter
USB Powered - No Batteries
USB powered
Output for Tactile Devices
For Cygnet & BioExplorer
For Cygnet & BioExplorer
Software Controlled Power
Software controlled power
Lifetime Limited Warranty
Lifetime limited warranty


The original infra-low frequency neurofeedback amplifier
Built-in impedance meter helps to achieve optimum electrode contacts
Meets and exceeds medical specifications for the US and Europe
Easy to handle and use for a low noise signal
Two-channel EEG amplifiers are aligned and high-resolution
DC to 100 Hz frequency range
2 EEG input channels
8 peripheral input channels
USB powered - means no changing batteries
Software controlled power switch and auto shut-off with inactivity
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Technical Details

NeuroAmp II
NeuroAmp II Addendum
Built-in Impedance Meter
USB Powered - No Batteries
Output for Tactile Devices
For Cygnet & BioExplorer
Software Controlled Power

Technical Specifications

Easy to use
High-performance design to ensure valid EEG readings
Class IIa medical device USA (FDA) / Europe (CE)
Impedance meter

Wide impedance range DC to 100 Hz
Equivalent input noise: < 0.01uV/√Hz, flat to DC - no 1/f noise
Bright easy-to-read LED bar display
Balance display for optimum EEG signal noise reduction
Bad electrode warning
EEG amplifier

Two channels
100% remote-controlled by therapist's software
Fast settling time
High-performance anti-aliasing filters
Peripheral sensor interface

Eight peripheral inputs
Supply of power for active sensors
High-performance filters for optimum noise suppression
Audio / Visual / Tactile output

Programmable analog output
DC -2.5 to +2.5V
AC 1...250Hz, Max 5Vss
Power supply


Minimum Specifications
(this is the minimum to run Cygnet, for a smoother experience and support for all modern feedback options including VR, please consider using recommended specs above)
Windows 7/Windows 8.1/ Windows 10 (Home or Pro) (Mac OS not supported)
• Graphics Card: The most important factor in selecting a computer for Cygnet is the graphics card. Running the usual Cygnet dual-screen setup with high-end 3D graphics on the second monitor is very demanding on a modern computer. Consider using a VR-ready graphics card like the ones recommended above. At minimum look for an AMD or NVIDIA cards with at least 2 GB dedicated video ram.
• Laptop Graphics cards: integrated graphics memory is not supported.
(Dual graphics cards that switch between a low power and high power chip may not be supported and will at minimum require special video drivers to function with Cygnet. Please contact tech support to find out if your dual graphics card solution is supported.)

• Intel® CoreTM i5 or greater
• 8 GB RAM (4 GB may only support 32-bit Cygnet, 8 GB is recommended for the 64-bit version of Cygnet)
• DVD-Rom Disc Drive - required if you want to use DVD movies
• Sound card

Monitor Specifications
Primary Monitor (for use by clinician): 1366 x 768 or greater.
Secondary Monitor (to display games to client)
- Resolution: 1024 x 768 or greater. Maximum resolution may be limited by the size and power of the video card selected. To use a full HD 1080p display you will need at least the minimum specs shown above.
- For a 4K display please call for current recommended specs.
- Connectors for secondary monitor: HDMI recommended.

Cygnet Software › (included with purchase of NeuroAmp)
BioExplorer version 1.3 or higher › (sold separately)


Lifetime Limited Warranty Details ›
The NeuroAmp is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship. In the unlikely event that repair is necessary, call bee Medic to receive a Return Authorization. Then send the unit back by a traceable method - bee Medic is not responsible for items not received. We will repair or replace your unit(s) free of charge. This warranty does not apply to damage incurred through accident, alteration, or abuse, nor to damage created by static electricity. Do not use this equipment in a dry, static-prone area unless using an anti-static mat or anti-static spray on carpeted areas. We may refuse to honor this warranty if the unit has been opened or unauthorized repair attempts are detected. We accept no liability for accidental damage or for consequential damages, including, for example lost profit, downtime, damage or replacement of devices or property from a breach of the warranty.


Neuroamp II
Cygnet - Neurofeedback Software
Trial versions of Somatic Vision Games
Standard Alpha-theta feedback
Electrodes (1-Channel, 2-Channel & Jumper)
Paste - 4oz tube
Nu-Prep - 4oz tube
Limited Lifetime Warranty