SomniResonance® is a non-invasive approach to help you fall asleep faster and feel more rested in the morning. This small, lightweight device helps you get to sleep quickly and naturally.

Decades of clinical and academic research have helped to identify the frequencies naturally produced by the brain during the process of falling asleep. SomniResonance� mimics these frequencies, allowing you to fall asleep more easily.


The SomniResonance� SR-1 has passed all safety testing required by Underwriters Laboratories. Users may experience vivid dreams. Users may experience sensitivity to the adhesive discs used to attach the device to the skin. If you have concerns regarding any adverse events please discontinue use of the device and contact the health professional you bought the device from. The SomniResonance� SR-1 is sold exclusively through licensed health care professionals. The FDA has classified the SomniResonance� device as Low Risk and have advised SomniResonance� Biomedical Corp. that the device is not subject to registration, listing and premarket notification.