Lifetime Limited NeuroAmp Warranty

Limited Warrantybee Medic is recognized for customer loyalty and the highest levels in customer satisfaction. We continuously work to make sure that each purchase results in a customer for life! This is part of the bee Medic difference - known for offering value and performance, as well as top notch customer service and the industry's number one clinician training.

In keeping with our value driven ideology, we are pleased to offer our customers the bee Medic Limited Lifetime Warranty Program.

Please Note: As bee Medic strives to honor the best limited lifetime warranty in the business we have made, and will continue to make, policy changes. Make sure you read this document carefully and check back for updates.

For all NeuroAmp encoders, bee Medic will provide a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of each NeuroAmp that the encoder will not suffer, in material or workmanship, from any defect that adversely affects the performance of the product.

This limited lifetime warranty is valid for the life of the encoder, so long as the original purchaser owns the product, based upon the following conditions:
Removal and/or defacing of serial/part number sticker(s) on ANY bee Medic product(s) WILL void ALL warranties
There is no physical damage to the internal components that is caused by improper modification of any kind
bee Medic will cover all return shipping back to the customer for the RMA replacement with free ground shipping through UPS
in the United States and free ground shipping to Canadian customers.*

We will repair or replace the defective parts free of charge. Replacement parts may in some cases be refurbished parts. Any refurbished parts carry the same lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to be of equal or superior quality. We may in some cases use a newer model for replacement if a previous model has been discontinued, or is otherwise unavailable.

Please feel free to call us first for any needed support at 877.313.9980 (toll free) or 818.313.9980

We stand behind the products we sell, for their value, quality, and reliability.


* All RMA replacements to Canada will state "Warranty Replacement" on the package to Canada to assist in avoiding any brokerage fees through Canadian customs. bee Medic is NOT responsible for any fees charged by the Canadian government or brokers due to brokerage fees.